I’m always amazed at how you can never stop learning!

I had a meeting with one of my clients recently – an informal chat over a cup of tea. I couldn’t help but notice the two massive 27 inch monitors fixed on his desk, creating a plastic wall of plasma between us.

My client told me that he had attended a ‘forward thinking’ course aimed at increasing productivity. One of th e tips he gleaned from the course was to attach two monitors to your pc. My client said it had worked wonders for him, so I tried it myself upon my return to the office!

WOW – what a difference it has made to my working day!  It means that

  • I can access information more quickly
  • work on more than one project at a time
  • share data between applications easily by dragging from one monitor to the next
  • maintain my accessibility by keeping emails on one screen and the project I’m currently working on the other.

The advantages of dual monitors outweigh their disadvantages;

  • Yes – they take up more room on my desk – but having said that it’s meant that I’ve cleaned away a lot of junk that was covering my desk in the first place
  • Yes – there’s a cost involved, but monitors are relatively inexpensive these days – in fact, I used an old one that we had lying around in the storeroom!

Do yourself a favour – try working with 2 monitors.

Once I tried, I was converted – so much so that after a few weeks of using 2, I purchased another. Now 3 monitors grace my desk!!!

I can’t think of a time when I’ll go back to using just one.

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