I always feel uncomfortable dealing with tax matters. That’s why I leave it to Paul. If I have any problems or financial issues, Paul sorts them out. He explains things in a language I can understand. If I need advice on anything to do with my business, I will always call Paul he’s more than an accountant!
Gary Peers
Owner, The Bedroom Shop, Wigan
Due to a recent industrial accident, I had to provide HM Revenue with evidence of loss of company earnings. Paul prepared comparisons of profit figures, and negotiated on my behalf with the loss adjusters and even a forensic accountant. Thanks to his efforts, all his proposals were agreed resulting in a substantial payment.
Ian Pye
Owner, PAS Radiocommunications, Rufford
We came in one morning to find our network had crashed..big time. I rang Paul. He assessed the situation, checked the server, the cabling, anti-virus software, the firewall. He found a programming error in one of our Windows Registry files and quickly sorted it. Paul got us up and running again in 3 hours!
Linda Jarrett
Total Tyres (North West) Ltd, Leigh
I wanted to expand my business via diversification. Paul compiled a business plan, negotiated on my behalf with several finance companies, and secured funding of £0.5M all within a two week deadline. Thanks to Paul, I now operate a successful holiday business in the Isle of Man.
Jason Bower
Owner, Nutgrove Carpets Ltd, St.Helens
Getting the best remuneration package for my Directors always proved a problem. Paul suggested I structure the shares in a way that enabled me to pay a dividend instead of salaries. I now save over £10,000 in tax and NI contributions every year. Thanks Paul…brilliant!
Paul Harrison
Managing Director, Northern Seating Ltd, Golborne