HMRC 2 Step Verification

HMRC 2 Step Verification

HMRC 2 Factor Verification Causes Problems

HMRC have stated that the optional 2-step verification (2SV) becomes compulsory this month for businesses. This requires users to combine the government gateway login and password with a security code sent to a mobile or landline.

HMRC are rolling out the process from 25 September 2017 and businesses will need to ensure they are prepared for this.

This will cause a number of problems such as which mobile number to use for the code – personal mobile or a dedicated works mobile, what happens if there is a poor phone signal, what happens if the task is delegated to an employee who then leaves the company or is off on holiday?

There are other options available including generating a code using the HMRC app or having the code sent to a landline but these options will present their own problems.

This is another case of HMRC not thinking it through.