Social Media – is it really a useful tool for small businesses?

Despite its many pros and cons, social media is great marketing tool for small business owners. However, you need to be aware that it can take up a great deal of time – and time is the most precious commodity for the majority of business owners.

I use social media quite a bit. I like using twitter in particular (@wiganaccountant – if you’re not already following me). It’s a great way of communicating with clients as well as means of connecting with friends and discovering lots of information on subjects that are of interest both professional or commercially. You’ll be surprised on just how entertaining twitter can be – just look at some of the comments to TV shows such as #xfactor or #bbcqt

Social media can be very time consuming. It’s extremely important to develop a social plan and it’s essential that you stick to it. There are a number of social tools which are great for small businesses and some will work better for you than others – but you won’t know which one is best for your business until you try them!

Plan your social strategy carefully and manage it – if you don’t, you’ll find that social media will soon manage YOU and detract you from other worthwhile tasks!

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