The Adventures of Haywards “Smurf” Accountant Paul – Day 1

Over the next few days I’ll be taking part in Scumrun 2012 – thankfully I’m not on my own. I’m tagging along with two of my clients who are Scumrun Veterans – Brian Roberts (Wigan Engine Services Ltd) and Steve Heapy (Engine Repair Services Ltd). Being the mechanics, Bri and Steve are obviously the brains behind the team – I’ll be the “IT / tent erector / navigator / washer upper”!!

Scumrun is the biggest and original banger rally taking 100 vehicles and in excess of 250 people around Europe for a four day challenge each year. Participants must drive cars not exceeding £500 in value, round an undisclosed route where destinations are revealed each morning and various challenges take place on route.

Now in its seventh year Scumrun 2012 aims to raise over £50,000 yet again for the nominated charity – Sparks

As a leading children’s medical research charity Sparks are dedicated to funding and championing pioneering research into any condition affecting mums-to-be, babies and children.

Since 1991, Sparks have committed over £20 million into pioneering research projects across a wide spectrum of medical conditions including childhood cancers, cerebral palsy, premature birth and spina bifida.

Through the research Sparks fund, they aim to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by serious illness or disability today, whilst seeking ways to better diagnose, treat and prevent these conditions in the future.

You can help me to help Sparks by making a small donation – doesn’t matter how small – I know money is tight these days but every £1 really makes a difference. If you’d like to help please click here

Day 1

3rd May

I’m not used to being up at 3am!!! The early morning light made it difficult to put on my blue face paint. But I did it! Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was the only Smurf on the road at 4am – amazing. Our milkman got a shock when he saw me!

1st emergency of the trip – one of the cars has broken down – thankfully our expert race team have a spare track conditioned car at the ready!

Noon (ish): Now at Thruxton race circuit – can’t wait to race the £500 Vauxhall Omega.

Scumrun opened by the legendary Tiff Needell!! I wonder what he thinks about our car?

Later today – off on a ferry – France ‘ere we come! Mange tout, mange tout!

Please remember – any donations are appreciated – If you’d like to help please click here

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