Why you should use a chartered accountant?

Have a read of this article I saw recently.


Did you know that anyone can call themselves legally an accountant, without gaining any experience or qualifications? Sound bizarre doesn’t it, but someone could be a fingernail technician one day and then decide to call themselves an accountant the next!

Making use of my services as a Chartered Accountant means that:

  • I have undertaken a period of training with an organisation who meets the criteria set out by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales
  • I have had to pass rigorous exams on auditing, financial management, taxation, business strategy and financial reporting
  • I am required to update my skills by attending regular monthly courses which keep me updated on the latest legislation and also develop my commercial acumen. This complies with ICAEW’s scheme of Continued Professional Development (CPD)
  • I also have professional indemnity insurance

All in all you can be assured that being Chartered means that I am qualified to do the right job for you. I am proud to be a Chartered Accountant.